Tenant Services You Can Trust from Ashford, Kent

At Seekers UK we assist you with all of your needs as a tenant. Located in Ashford, Kent, our tenant services offer everything you need to know and even include suitable properties to rent to narrow your search.

Renter’s Guide

During an excellent period of economic growth and popularity in renting, the options for you are endless. We prepare you for all possibilities and grab any opportunities for you to rent the most suitable home.

What to Bring? 

  • Proof of Income
  • Employer Verification Letter - on Company Letterhead, Signed by Supervisor
  • Guaranteed Bonus - Start Date - Housing Allowance (if Any)
  • Most Recent Pay Slips (Three Months)
  • Copy of Driver's Licence or Passport


  • Security Deposit
  • Application and Reference Fees
  • Check-out Charge
  • Rent and Security Are Due Two Weeks before Move-in Date
  • First Month's Rent

Financial Qualification

Please note that most landlords require that you make 40-50 times the amount of monthly rent. Outstanding loans, assets liquidation, and credit and rent history are also taken into account.


If you do not meet the financial requirements of the landlord, you may have to seek the help of a lease guarantor. The guarantor must be financially able and qualified to pay your rent as well as comfortably carry his or her financial responsibilities in case you fail to pay the lease.

Credit Check

Having no delinquent or collection accounts is a sign of a good credit rating along with more than 60% available credit and no large amount of debt. Some landlords are more flexible than others when it comes to credit.


Landlords may require an extra security deposit, guarantor, or the rent paid up front in special circumstances. These include when you are a first-time renter and do not have a credit history in the UK. We guide you through the most suitable options, so please get in touch with our team for advice and guidance. Please note procedures and requirements may vary from one building to another.

Services for Tenants

When you are looking for a property to rent, our expert team work hard to make every stage of the process straightforward. From searching for your dream house or flat to rental term agreements and other important information, we are here to assist you. 

By contacting Seekers UK, you receive access to our huge database full of exclusive rental properties throughout the UK. Simply register by getting in touch with our head office on 01233 660532 today.

Contact our letting agents and property consultants in Ashford, to discover more about our tenant services and properties to rent.