Advice on Renting a Property in Ashford, Kent

Make the most out of renting with the help of our respected company. As helpful renting agents, Seekers UK in Ashford, Kent, provides helpful advice on renting and the complete process of renting a property.

Why Use an Agent?

Advertising and marketing costs money and advertising properties takes time, which also costs money. Effective marketing requires the experience, knowledge, and expertise of highly trained individuals. An agent maximises the exposure of your property through multiple listing systems and cross media marketing including:

  • Web
  • Presentation Materials
  • Print Media
  • Mailing Campaigns

Web and Electronic Media - At Seekers UK, we:

  • Provide Digital Photos, Floor Plans, and 3D Simulations of Properties We Market
  • Design Graphic Emails and Create Email Campaigns for the Property
  • Showcase Properties in Detail on our Website and Other Portals
  • Generate Thousands of Hits and Unique Users Every Month on our Website
  • We advertise on over 500 websites & search engines 

Beyond Traditional Marketing

Properties are promoted to human resources and relocation representatives of large companies. Our huge network creates a new level of exposure through marketing portals and media.

Personal Services

A personal service is always guaranteed at Seekers UK. An experienced agent can prevent common mistakes and represent your best financial and personal interests. We:

  • Set a Schedule of Open Houses for Renters as Frequently as You Allow Us to Hold Them
  • Make Ourselves Available for Your Convenience to Coordinate Appointments and Show Schedules Seven Days a Week
  • Provide You with a Log of All Potential Renters Who Have Viewed Your Property
  • Do the Necessary Research and Pre-Qualify All Potential Prospects
  • Do all of the Work to Successfully Rent Your Investment - from Presenting Board Packages to Preparing Potential Prospects for Interviews with Marketing Boards and Coordinating Viewings.
  • Use the Highest Negotiating Skills to Obtain the Best Rental Price that the Property Will Command
  • We also furnish all relevant information and documentation regarding your property.


With extensive experience and knowledge of local markets, our team plan out every step of the way and redefine projects and goals if needed. We bring insight to the drawing table and direct projects based on market demand, conditions, and the individual goals of every developer.

Design and Identity

The right branding could have a huge impact on profitability. Working with architects, design teams, and project engineers, we help to define the identity of the product and introduce options that turn into marketing strategies. Exploiting floor plan designs, layouts, and décor maximise profitability and minimise costs.

Market Analysis and Speculations

With access to all market research and every pricing analysis, we participate in pricing properties as well as defining goals and projections. This way we can achieve the highest price per square foot. By also scheduling price amendments with our finger on the pulse, we promise you the highest profits on time.

Strategies and Innovation

From collateral material to 3D simulations and other marketing products, we design innovative marketing plans to give you access to the target market. Our ideas will bring higher value to the project.

Product Repositioning

Occasionally, projects come to market without marketing strategy or with the wrong selling plan at the wrong time. We take on projects that others may have failed to make a success. By advertising the project as a fresh, new, and exciting venture in the marketplace, we create new value for potential buyers. Our professionals complete the process successfully by visualising concepts that others may have overlooked.

Capital Contribution

Depending on your vision and project, we may invest or help collect the capital contribution through our asset management divisions. We then become your partner as well as the marketers for the project to help you achieve your financial goals.

Landlords capitalise on our enormous outreach and digital exposure. We offer:

  • Huge Online Platform Feeds
  • Property Portals
  • Vast Social Media Outreach
  • Search Engines
  • Mobile Applications
  • We also offer more information for renters as part of our role as respected property specialists. 

Contact our letting agents and property consultants in Ashford, Kent, to discover more about renting a property and helpful advice on renting.